About the site

Caddihoe is situated near the village of Broadclyst nr Exeter, Devon. The site is on the edge of Ashclyst Forest which is part of the Killerton Estate, the area lends itself to walking and woodland activities.

The site lends itself to back to basics camping or daytime activities which involve using large open spaces.

The local area has various things to see and do including:-

Clip’n’ Climb – Exeter
Exeter Tunnels
Exeter Swimming Pool
Exeter Quay (inc Megabowl)

Programme Planning

It should be noted that this area of Devon devotes a lot of its resources to tourism, and whilst Caddihoe is in a quiet and secluded position the area abounds with adventure and activity parks. A search of potential activities on the internet, or an approach to the Devon Tourist Board will prove productive when programme planning.